Student Leadership Year 8-12

Student participation helps to strengthen and further develop and co-construct the culture of collaboration, learner input where appropriate, and applying our collective intelligence for continuous and never-ending improvement in all facets of living the Birdwood High School values. The student leadership group will continue to strengthen our school in the Adelaide Hills region where BHS is recognised as the metropolis of learning.

Student contribution directly or otherwise assists us all in our journey of consolidating personal and sub school identity with a focus on personal learning and self discovery of those passions we enjoy for our transition into future global citizens.

All Prefect, House Captain and Leadership positions were announced at our Celebration Assembly in Term 1. They are as follows:


School Prefects: Rusty, Marlie Cesaro, Jayden Collise, Braeoni Browning

Student Life Prefects: Jelena Mik, Jorjina Whitehead, Matilda Walsh, Tuyen Nguyen

International / Community Prefects: Charlotte Baker, Lily Davey

House Captains

Dugan: Tiarna Grovermann, Matilda Walsh

Hindmarsh: Josiah Lanthois, Rusty

Lee: Jeremy Welham, Jelena Mik

Pflaum: Jacqui Palk, Alex Drewett

Year 8 Student Leaders:

Jocelyn Burggraaff, Michael Chattaway, Larni Grills, Blake Mudge, Dean Saunders

Year 9 Student Leaders:

Roxy Graham, Lauren Hackett, Emma Haylock, Ceara Hubbard, Ben Hunt, Jacqueline Hunt, Emma Mamerow, Nikita McDiarmid, Riley Polmear, Kiana Rogers, Riley Rush,

Emma Waddington, Mikayla Witter

Year 10 Student Leaders:

Maddy Duke, Lucy Hogan, Lewis Karlovcec, Jarvis Neaves, Harry Nevin, Alysha Seager, Mitchell Smythe, Jessie Walsh

Year 11 Student Leaders:

Michaela Bain, Claire Hutchison, Kelly Ramsay

Congratulations on all of our Student Leaders. We look forward to a wonderful 2020!

For further information regarding student leadership please make contact with our Leader for Student Engagement and Wellbeing.