Birdwood High School (BHS)

Birdwood High School, established in 1931, is set in 15 hectares of beautiful surroundings in the Torrens Valley area of the Adelaide Hills and caters for 500 students from Years 8 -12. Birdwood High School is recognised as a successful and innovative school offering students care and attention in a supportive community environment. BHS is a dynamic school offering a friendly, family-orientated environment where each student is encouraged to be the best they can be.  Progressive teaching and guidance is offered with the very best preparation to follow their future ambitions.

Our school is a vibrant community where learning is prioritised and friendships formed and designed to facilitate positive interactions across the year levels to provide the sense of belonging and connectedness that each student should feel with their school.

Birdwood High School warmly welcomes students from Year 8 to Year 12, and as an internationally accredited school we welcome overseas students the opportunity to study in South Australia.

Hard work conquers all at the Core

All programs on offer at Birdwood High School are underpinned by our school motto Labor Omnia Vincit’, hard work conquers all. Uniting all elements of the school is an appreciation of, and respect for our school values of Excellence, Opportunity and Creativity. Our curriculum, student life program and House system challenge, engage, enrich, support and accelerate student learning. The Advisory program provide opportunities for students to learn about themselves and to develop skills to contribute positively to our school and local and global communities.

At Birdwood, students are challenged, show consideration of others, to drive for excellence, embrace opportunities and be creative. Our students complete their schooling with their self-esteem firmly in place, confident to determine their future anywhere in the world.

Supportive and Inclusive

At Birdwood High School the student engagement and wellbeing and student character development is at the heart of everything we do. Our educators ensure that students feel safe in a school that is inclusive, friendly, supportive and students are known and valued by community members.

This is enhanced by the family friendly ethos of the School. Students are supported by a warm and welcoming wider community of family, businesses, industry, Governing Council and our old scholars.