Driving to School

Students driving to and from school must complete the ‘Driving to School’ form.  Passengers are not permitted in vehicles unless they are siblings or where permission has been granted by a consenting parent.

Stationery Requirements – 2022

2022 Stationery List year 7-10 (1)

2022 Stationery List Stage 1 & 2

Student Medical and Health Information

It is important that the school has up to date and accurate information regarding any medical issues or health concerns that we should be aware of and that may impact on activities that students are involved in.

If there is a Health Care Plan that will provide us with additional information to support your son/daughter please provide the school with a completed Health Care Plan. This form requires your doctor to add information about the care required to manage any medical or health issue. Copies of the Health Care Plan templates are available below.

Other specific health care plans can be downloaded from the DECD website.

Bus Bypass and Bus Application Form

Information related to transportation via our Bus system please contact our Bus Manager.

Bush Fire Danger Season Information for Families

Families are encouraged to read the Bush fires and Your Child’s School brochure which provides parents with advice on how to prepare for the fire danger season, and what to do if a bush fire is burning near their child’s site.

The brochure also highlights the need for families to understand the Site Emergency Plan for the school. Please note Birdwood High School’s evacuation assembly point is the school Gymnasium unless there is a direct threat whereby instructions will be issued by local authorities for an alternative refuge point.  For further information please contact the school.

It is important that each family has their own personal bush fire survival plan in place for days of catastrophic fire danger or in the event of a bush fire threat.

We ask that you familiarise yourself with the brochure and be prepared, before an emergency arises. By doing this it will help our staff to be able to keep students safe.

In any bush fire situation the DECD Emergency Information Hotline , Phone: 1800 000 279, can provide advice to parents and caregivers on up-to-date information as it relates to DECD sites and the welfare of children.

The bush fire threat flowchart is also a handy guide to what schools and preschools may need to do on the respective total fire ban days depending on their own risk rating, and is a useful tool to help families be prepared before an emergency arises.