Student Wellbeing and Engagement for Learning and for Life

Our students, staff and families are strongly committed to our community and we are proud of our student’s achievements, participation and engagement in co-curricular activities including; sporting programs, competitions and student leadership amongst others. Our aim is to wrap around teaching, learning opportunities and services so every BHS student is inspired and empowered by learning in a harmonious environment. There is a zero tolerance of behaviours related to violence, racism, bullying or substance abuse or any other behaviour that disrupt the harmony of our school and the wellbeing of individuals.


  • Advisory teachers have a key role in guiding to:
    Develop, refine and deliver a Pastoral Care program which is kindled by the Wellbeing and Engagement Framework for Learning and Life; which includes the Child Protection Curriculum in Sub School teams and a Wellbeing program that is articulated in the student diary.
  • Monitor student wellbeing and use coaching strategies to support and encourage students overcome obstacles as they work towards achieving their best.
  • Embed values to support wellbeing and learning
    Growth mindset, learning dispositions
    Utilise data to support conversations with students and families by developing Individual learning plans and the setting of goal using SMART and STAR framework.
  • Liaise with subject teachers to monitor progress and attendance and where required work collectively to support students with common language use and consistent delivery of messaging.
  • Common Approach when working with students to develop positive behaviours.

Personalised Learning Support

The ethos of the Personalised Learning Support and differentiation is referred to as POD  is to facilitate connections with a variety of services for students during their time at school. The class allotment provided to identified students are referred to POD class.   Students are  aligned with teachers in intensive small group tuition, where one on one support, specifically with literacy, numeracy and organisational development. Teachers delivering the POD class are trained in How Language Works and are also part of Professional Learning Communities regarding Student Learning, Behaviour  Development and Differentiation.

The interoceptive cluster class will be the sister program operating from within the POD. Aimed to assist students to develop their self-awareness of behaviour, to support students to develop strategies to engage with learning.

Staff in the pod will:

  • Collaborate with subject teachers of students
  • Report student development / progression
  • Work with Individual learning plans set in Advisory
  • Use genre types to support scaffolded learning

Senior School Tutorial

Senior School Tutorial (SST) is designed to support senior school students with addition quiet study time, delivered in groups or on a one to one basis.  Every class is guided by a member of the Senior School Specialist Staff.  Once students have developed independent study skills and have met the criteria to apply for Independent Study, transition can be made to self guided learning.  All students commence with SST for Term 1.

Tutorial teachers will:

  • Coaching, supporting students with learning goals identified in Advisory
  • Utilise genre types documents to support scaffolded learning
  • Work directly with students with their learning, more of an independent style of tuition
  • Developing individual critical analysis, research and self-guided learning capabilities.