Birdwood High School Policies

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BHS Attendance Policy

It describes the compulsory nature of education and underlines the responsibilities of all members of the school community to ensure young people are attending school. It also reflects research that indicates attendance at both preschool and school positively affects learning, wellbeing, employment and life outcomes for children and young people.


BHS Behaviour Policy

Schools have a responsibility to make sure they are safe and positive for everyone. The  Behaviour Policy outlines how departmental staff will support safe and positive behaviour for children and young people in these settings. Students can refer to the diary for further information and support strategies.


BHS Cyber Safety Agreement

Cyber-safety practices are in place, which include Cyber-Safety Use Agreements for staff and students. Child protection education includes information about remaining safe when using new technologies.  The computer network, Internet, computers and other ICT equipment bring great benefits to the teaching and learning programs and to the effective operation of the school. No mobile phones are permitted to keep children free of bullying or harassment over social media.  Please sign the computer user agreement form for use.


BHS Uniform Policy Brochure

All students wear the school uniform.  This decision is affirmed by the Governing Council, Principal and Staff.  The student forum have put forward ideas for  new uniform pieces to present to Governing Council for consideration.  At present all uniform items can be purchased from Devon Clothing, address available in the brochure.

BHS Mobile Phone / Personal Device Policy

A new Mobile Phone and Personal Device policy that includes a proposal to restrict students from accessing mobile phones or personal devices during school hours has been released by the Government for consultation with schools.This decision is affirmed by the Department Governing Council, Principal and Staff. 

BHS Assessment and Reporting

The Education and Children’s Services Act 2019 (SA) and Education and Children’s Services Regulations 2020 (SA) requires children of compulsory education age to participate in a full-time approved learning program or in a combination of approved learning programs.  Educators must adhere to Australian Curriculum and SACE policies, procedures and guidelines relating to subjects and courses. In addition, educators must also meet the requirements of the Child Protection in schools by delivering the Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum. Teachers have a professional responsibility to document their selection and sequencing of learning experiences and assessment tasks, which reflect the curriculum requirements and the diversity of student learning needs in their classes.


BHS Progress Markers and Deadline Policy

To help students and teachers to manage workloads, schools set assessment deadlines. For assessment tasks or assessment types that are completed over an extended period of time, a number of dates are generally set at various stages of the development of the assessment task or assessment type. These are referred to as Progress Markers.  There are occasions when an extension of an assessment deadline can be approved for a valid reason.  The Special Provisions in Curriculum and Assessment Policy outlines some of these reasons. 


BHS Inclement Weather Policy

When the weather is inclement, (extreme high temperatures, rain, hail, severe dust or electrical storm), students are provided with an alternative to being in the yard at recess and lunch times. Two sirens blasts will sound to indicate Inclement Weather.  Executive Leaders on duty will make the decision on inclement weather alternatives for the day or a delegate listed in the policy. On these occasions supervised indoor areas will be available to all students.