Welcome to Birdwood High School

Welcome to Birdwood High School, where, for more than 85 years, educating and caring for children and young adults has been our priority. Our school is a vibrant community where students happily engage in learning. With the support of highly qualified educators, students are encouraged to think critically, communicate courageously and develop a deep respect for themselves as part of a broad, diverse community.

Our school is a place where students come to realise that with determination they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. In 2017 our school community endorsed Excellence, Creativity and Opportunity as core values underpinning our school motto ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’. Students are encouraged to continuously reflect on themselves as learners as they engage in leadership roles, enjoy a broad range of cultural, international, sporting and innovative community learning experiences and projects.

At Birdwood, everything we do is for your child’s success and wellbeing and as such learning and teaching is our focus. Our contemporary curriculum and the capabilities, aim to provide opportunities, inspire and develop students’ skills in critical thinking, teamwork, cooperation and creativity in pursuit of excellence.

Birdwood High School has been carefully planned to promote the sense of belonging and continuously draws on its strong and rich history as it moves to develop and implement modern learning spaces and equipment. To work in the jobs for tomorrow, students require strong skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics as well as enterprise skills like problem solving, creative thinking and critical analysis. Students can draw on inspiration from our old scholars and industry partners as they work collectively to solve real life problems.

Beyond Birdwood High School, our students continue the friendships forged at school and with their community. They join a network of accomplished Alumnae who remain connected with their school, wherever they are in the world.

I encourage you to explore the community of Birdwood High School further, through this website and by arranging a visit with us soon.

Heather Makris