Members of Council are elected for a two year period of office at the annual meeting of parents held in March, with the tenure of half of the parents ending each year.  Whilst staff and student representatives are elected annually to hold positions on the Council for a one year period.

The Council welcomes interested members of the wider community with specific expertise to join and to assist the Council or its sub committees. We understand that people are committed to many activities these days, but any time that can be spared to help in any Council activity is greatly appreciated.

The Birdwood High School Governing Council works in partnership with the staff at the school to ensure effective governance and management. The Governing Council aims to ensure relationships between parents, students and staff are positive and trusting, and supports the focus on achieving constructive outcomes for our children. The Birdwood High School Governing Council operates within the guidelines and conditions outlined in the South Australian Association of State School Organisations (SAASSO) Handbook and a locally developed framework for Strategic Planning and Local Management.

The role of the Governing Council is to:

  • Approve policy supporting achievement of the School’s Vision and Priorities
  • Approve decisions regarding governance and management and resources, including finance
  • Employ a Canteen Manager and oversee all matters regarding the School Canteen
  • Make decisions regarding the school uniform, taking into consideration the recommendations of the Governing Council Uniform Sub-Committee
  • Provide advice to the school on implementation plans which affect students, curriculum, resources, student support services and student and community life.

Turning to the past 12 months, the school has experienced significant change and addressed substantial challenges identified by a panel of external educational specialists in 2016. The Governing Council joined the journey to address these and we are pleased to announce our recent review at the end of Term 3 2017 indicated by all students, staff and community representatives that significant improvements had been made to student learning outcomes and their wellbeing.

As we see the end of 2017 and look to 2018, we will continue to see substantive investment in the school’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) capabilities as well as improvements to the school grounds, highlighted by the recent removal of some very old and run down temporary classrooms. These will be replaced with a new landscaped area for the students to enjoy as well as improvements to the small amphitheater at the end of the, soon to be, newly refurbished STEM facilities.

To move towards environmental sustainability we have a $250,000 investment is solar panels but there is still more to do, in terms of supporting the school with its direction and many complimentary activities to our children’s education, such as the deadly days and special assemblies (e.g. Remembrance and ANZAC days) as well as students travelling here and overseas on arranged excursions.

So I end this report with a request to you, our next best resource (beyond our own children) to come and join the Governing Council to be an influential part of the development of our school.

David Baker
Governing Council Chair