SACE Stage 2 Written Exam Protocols

November 02, 2018

Dear parent or caregiver

All written examinations are held in the Exhibition Centre and each student has been provided with an exam timetable from SACE which outlines all rules and expectations.

  • Students must wear full school uniform to sit exams
  • Students must report to the school at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the exam.
  • In the event your student is unable to sit for the exam due to unforeseen circumstances please immediately contact Mr Walsh on the day of the exam and documentation to be completed will be discussed.
  • No student may leave the examination room until the allocated time has expired. 
  • All writing equipment must be in a clear plastic bag (including spare batteries for calculators). 
  • Calculators must be cleared and will be checked on entry
  • Snacks and water bottles can be taken into the exam room however must also be in clear containers.
  • Students are to place their text books in the box provided outside the examination room once not required.
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