His Excellency The Honourable Hieu Van Le

November 08, 2018

Prefects Andrew Miller and Ella Green were honoured to be nominated with the opportunity to meet the Governor General, his Excellency The Honourable Hieu Van Le, and his wife, Miss Van Le.

Andrew was selected to share his educational and community journey at Government House. Andrew been a student at Birdwood High School since 2015, and has been a resident of the district that has forged many community ties within the Adelaide Hills region. This includes; representing Birdwood, Mt Pleasant, Williamstown, Woodside, and Mt Barker playing, tennis, swimming, practicing karate and playing soccer for the Adelaide Hills Junior Soccer Association.

He was part of the Air force Cadet, 602 squadron, based at Woodside Army Barracks for several years developing a keen interest and aspirations to work in a uniform post secondary school studies. Making his aspirations clear and drawing on his attributes, Andrew was fortunate enough to be elected by the Leadership Team as Head Prefect for Birdwood High, a fantastic opportunity that has granted the privilege of organising ANZAC day assemblies attended by local and state officials, CFS honouring events, including the opportunity to engage in a face to face meeting with the Minister for Education, Hon. Mr John Gardner MP.

His ability to communicate effectively and be a conduit between the students, staff and leadership team saw him nominated to represent the student cohort; to provide voice as part of the identification and representation of newly defined values for our school. Andrew joined the Principal’s Executive Leadership team along with the Governing Council members to identify strategic directions for the school.  Working with his peers and with teachers and leaders has enabled him to master skills as an individual and also working as part of a group to achieve better outcomes for all within the Birdwood High School community.

Right now Andrew’s immediate goal is to complete year 12 and get through the exams. His post secondary school studies hope to see him employed in ‘uniform’ supporting our government, whether that is with the police force or within the military.  Andrew is yet to decide, at this stage in pursuit of his purpose in life, that is to be in uniform he is clear that his wish is not to be behind a desk, so to speak but rather taking on a more active role in our government forces.  We wish him all the very best for his future endeavours.

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