DUX 2018

February 01, 2019

For the last five years, I have attended Birdwood High School, a school that has effectively fostered my academic and professional development. Throughout my schooling, I have formed connections with amazing friends and hard-working teachers, both of whom have aided me in my study. Completing year twelve was the most daunting challenge I faced, one that required a strong work ethic and extreme dedication to overcome. I thoroughly enjoyed my chosen year twelve subjects, despite their challenging nature, which included Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Chemistry, Physics, and English. All of my teachers went above and beyond to assist me in my studies and enabled me to achieve the best possible results in my final year. My advice to future students would be to set clear, realistic goals and commit to them; it may be difficult but the more time you put in, the more you will achieve. Also balancing school, a social life and sport is not an easy task but through effective time management and compromise, it can be achieved. As I move on to study at the University of Adelaide, I will miss my high school’s stimulating environment and culture but I will always retain fond memories of my experiences.

Connor Van Balen

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