DUX 2019 – Millie Smith

December 17, 2019

Whilst Birdwood High School was a place to call home for only one year it left a long lasting impact on me. During this time I made friendships that will last a lifetime, learnt many important life lessons and created memories that I will never forget.
I attended Mary MacKillop College in Kensington for years 8-11 before moving house and schools to Birdwood in 2019. Mary MacKillop College is a catholic all girls school that taught me many lessons on female empowerment, the importance of love and a dedication to my academic achievements.
On my first day at Birdwood High School I was slightly worried to say the least. I had never moved schools in my life, I knew no one that even lived in the area and I had not been in a classroom with boys for over 4 years.
BHS welcomed with me open arms, partnered me with girls that I am still very close with today and fostered my passion for academic achievement.
The Birdwood motto is Hard work conquers all. It was these words that I kept in mind throughout year 12. With every difficult day, challenging task and moment of self-doubt, I had caring friends, motivating and supportive teachers to push me to achieve my best.
For all future Year 12s: you can do it all! You can have a good time at school, you can still watch Netflix, go to parties, and you can also do really well academically. Just make sure you prioritise first! – Ask your teachers and peers questions
– Always push yourself to do your best
– Remind yourself that it is only one year
– Remember that you need breaks, it is not just okay to take a few minutes to laugh with friends; it is necessary. You have to break up all of the hard work and stress with laughter and fun.
I can safely say that Year 12 was my favourite year. I made so many special memories and friends. I learnt lessons both inside the classroom and around the school that I will remember for a very long time to come.
I would like to thank everyone at Birdwood High School for welcoming me with open arms, offering a smile and directions for the times I got lost and accepting me into their tight community. Thank you for the teachers that reassured me, pushed me to achieve my best and supported me every day. Thank you to my friends for always making me feel as though I belonged at Birdwood.
Next year I plan to study a Bachelor of Business at UniSA. I am unsure of where I want my degree to take me, but I am excited to open my eyes to new careers and pathways.
I achieved a 99.35 ATAR, receiving a Merit in Business and Enterprise.


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