2020 SACE Top 3 Students

January 26, 2021

The SACE is a special qualification because it caters for everyone, every student can succeed, in whatever pathway they choose, whether its an academic pathway a Vocational Education Training pathway or a combination of both.  Completing the South Australian Certificate Education opens many doors and leads to many opportunities. It is with immense pride that I share the with you the class of 2020 results

Congratulations to all our students for their SACE academic achievements:  

  • 98% of students achieved their SACE
  • ‘A’ and A+ with merit grades remained strong at 20.5% equating to 58 A grades, 104 B grades and 116 C grades.
  • 100% of students successfully completed the SACE compulsory subjects; Stage 1 Literacy and Numeracy and Stage 2 Research Project
  • PLP completion has maintained at 100% success rate
  • Most of our students gained entry into their chosen university pathway, TAFE or employment pathway. 

Further data will be published through our 2020 Annual Report.

A spotlight and profile on our Top 3 students, Tiana Grovermann, Jenna Hicks and Jessica Hoppo will be shared with our community over the coming weeks.  

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