2018 Safety Message

February 13, 2018

On 13 February on the way to school students were approached by a stranger offering them a lift whilst they were waiting for the bus.  The students reported the incident an we have subsequently followed the matter up with the police.  The police have informed us that they will monitor the bus stops.

Please ensure that your children are as safe as possible as they move between home and school. Outlined below are some strategies students can use to minimise risk:

1. Wherever possible walk with others and wait for public transport with other people.
2. Be generally aware of their surroundings and areas that might provide a safe haven where there are people. Included are shops, service stations, Doctors’ and Dentists’ rooms and other places where there are likely to be numbers of people.
3. Have an emergency communications strategy so they know who to contact for a prompt response in an emergency.
4. If there is ever an incident in the vicinity of any school, students should go into the school and staff will provide emergency assistance.

If a student is approached and they feel uncomfortable they should move away quickly and make noise to attract attention.  If they have access to a mobile phone keep it close by and make contact with a parent/caregiver or the police.  Students have discussed safety at school, we encourage parent to continue these conversations in the home.

Students who wish to discuss any issues associated with safety can speak with Ms Henriksson, Mr Rander or Mr Sykes, or their Advisory Teacher. Inquiries from parents and caregivers can be directed to Ms Swaalf.

I would appreciate your support in discussing this matter with your child.

Ms Heather Makris

Birdwood High School

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