Attendance Policy

Every South Australian child and young person deserves the opportunity to be their best in life. DECD supports the learning and life opportunities of all children and young people, and seeks to help make them strong, creative and resilient learners, to set the trajectory for a lifelong wellbeing.

“Learning success is characterised by consistent attendance and engagement with quality education opportunities. A wellbeing approach to attendance supports families to recognise the importance of education and to address barriers to active participation. Attendance matters in South Australian preschools and schools.” Chief Executive DECD

Research recognises the high correlation between attendance and successful literacy and numeracy outcomes. Students who atten

d school regularly have been shown to achieve at higher levels than students who do not have regular attendance. Research shows that students who are absent for more than 10 days per year are disadvantaged both educationally and socially.

Children and young people who do not attend school regularly miss out on planned learning experiences, sequences of instruction and class participation. This attendance strategy is aligned with the DECD Wellbeing Framework for Learning for Life which recognises the important interrelationships between children and young people’s wellbeing and learning outcomes.

Compulsory education age is when students are 16 and have completed an approved learning program.

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