Our School is very proud of the consistently strong results of our students. We believe this is due to positive partnerships with parents, caregivers and our highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated teaching and support staff. Our students are committed to achieving their best and demonstrate an interest in learning.

Extensive course and careers counselling with our Leaders in Student Engagement and Wellbieng and Vocational Education and Training (VET) in addition to our School Based Apprenticeship Broker, ensures students are given the time and encouragement to explore their future study and career aspirations.

Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between their academic pursuits and their involvement in the school’s many extra-curricular activities. Our Advisory Care program enhances students’ social and emotional development.

Enrichment and support programs are available to cater for individual learning needs and the provision of Senior School Tutorial, as well as Independent Study spaces, acknowledges the need for private study time as well as social interaction to help maintain a healthy balance between academic rigour and learning collaboratively.

Innovative Learning

All students choosing Innovative Learning (STEM) or Innovative Learning (Humanities/Arts) will have the opportunity to explore local and global issues that aim to develop empathy, compassion, awareness and problem solving through the Australian Curriculum. Students will be supported to develop critical and creative thinking skills necessary to flourish as a successful 21st century learner through our Values of Creativity, Excellence and Opportunity.

Students will develop perseverance and resilience through collaborative inquiry processes in partnership with industry and community. A focus on careers and pathways will be embedded to instil a passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and life-long learning.

STEM Innovative Learning

Learning Areas include Science, Technology and Mathematics
Students will solve real-world challenges using Inquiry and Problem Based Learning including:

  • SA Power Networks Power and Sustainability Challenge and
  • The British Aerospace Engineering Wetlands, Environment and Management Challenge

Humanities/Arts Innovative Learning

Learning Areas may include History, Geography and The Arts
Students will identify issues and awareness through contemporary technological problems that impact social, ethical, legal, environmental or political perspectives including:

  • The environmental impact of ‘fast fashion’, electronic waste and coffee cups
  • Ethic issues associated with Artificial Intelligence

Beyond the Classroom

Balancing school work with extra-curricular activities ensures that students maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as develop skills such as time management, strategic thinking, and competitiveness. These skills are then immediately transferable to the classroom and lead to improved learning outcomes.

A selection of the extra-curricular and co-curricular programs are offered as part of our Student Life Program at the school, these include:

  • Camps and retreats: including challenge, teamwork, and getting to know you-style camps
  • Careers: Careers Expo, University Induction Days, Orientation and work experience (Years 8-11)
  • Carnivals: swimming, athletics and cross-country carnivals (internal and interschool)
  • Competitions: Westpac Mathematics Competitions, ICAS competitions, Premiers’ ANZAC Spirit competition and Royal Adelaide Show, Art programs
  • Court sports: netball, basketball, volleyball, tennis
  • Field sports: touch football, soccer, football, hockey, athletics
  • Involvement in and leadership of major school-based initiatives: Harmony Day, International Day, Deadly Day, NAIDOC Week and many more
  • Interdisciplinary Overseas trips to Europe and Japan and Ski trip
  • Music: Bands, vocal groups, choirs and ensembles
  • Performing Arts: plays
  • Social Justice action groups: Environment Action group
  • State, district and regional sporting competitions
  • Student Forum and leadership opportunities: specific Senior Years and year level leadership roles, in addition to Student Leaders, House leadership including Sport, environment leaders and International Ambassadors programs, among many others
  • Water sports: Aquatics Camp

For further information on any of these programs please contact our school reception on 85685100